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The Importance Of Doing What You Love

I’m going to take a little diversion from the usual meanderings one normally finds hidden away in the depths of the Groundbreak blog. Today I write about something very important to me, and something that I hope you’ll also engrave onto the inside of your frontal lobes. You may have guessed already from the subtle […]

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Video Production, Can We Do It Ourselves?

There are many different types of myth ranging from those of Ancient Greece to the more contemporary ones like duck quacks don’t echo… But today I am going to talk about a myth belonging to video production. I want to unravel the fake fable: Video Production? WE CAN DO IT OURSELVES. Sure, I mean let’s face […]

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Groundbreak Productions Manchester London creative director abstract

What’s A Creative Director All About?

‘You’re a what? A Creative Director? Now what’s that then?’… Do not fear, it’s a common question and our Creative Director Maeve is willing to answer it for you! In a nutshell, a Creative Director is usually charged with the best, most creative (naturally!), arty (of course!) and innovative ways to visually present a concept; […]

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Audioscores talk to Groundbreak Productions about tv film advert music

An Interview With Audioscores

Ever wondered how music for your favourite TV ads, films and shows is created? Wonder no more! Our talented friends at Audioscores did the hard work for you and very kindly answered a few questions… Enjoy!! GB: What is it you do at Audioscores? AS: We are a music production company, creating bespoke music and […]

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6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Video

Today we take a look at 6 reasons why we think your website probably needs a video. We look at the many benefits that can result from featuring video content on your company website.   People like convenience. and would much rather sit and watch a video than exercise the art of reading. Harsh but […]

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Groundbreak producers Geoff, Matt, Alex working on Brother set

The 11 Best Things About Working For A Production Co.

We share what we love about working at Groundbreak (FYI- thats Groundbreak’s very own Geoff, Matt and Alex rocking the hair nets working on a shoot in Slovakia for Brother International) No day is ever the same. One minute we could be in a Slovakian factory in hard hats and high-vis vests and the next we […]

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