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Online Vs Broadcast

What is the technical difference between online video and broadcast video? To be honest I didn’t initially realise there was a technical difference between online and broadcast video, but now I’ve been fully briefed by the Groundbreak techies I feel obliged to share it with you guys… you can thank me later! It all starts […]

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What Shoot, What Camera?

Before working at Groundbreak, I had little knowledge of how many different types of cameras there actually were and more importantly WHY there needs to be so many different types. Depending on what you are shooting and how you want it shooting greatly determines what make/model of camera you should be using for your corporate […]

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How Long Is A Piece Of String?

String Theory! We often get asked ‘how much do you charge for a video?’ A perfectly valid question considering we are a video production company. But in all honesty, it is effectively like asking (pardon the cliché answer) ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Vision and Budget Say for instance that string was being […]

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