Groundbreak Productions Sika film shoot at Legacy Rainbow House

A Story From Sika…

One of our most recent projects, that we have been lucky enough to be a part of, involved working with two very inspirational companies; Sika, a large International Building Trust reached out to us and asked us to produce a video for their flooring department, that followed their journey with The Legacy Rainbow House. Sika were in […]

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Lights, Camera, Glass of Wine… And Action!

At Groundbreak we love video production and I am personally quite partial to a cheeky glass of red wine (not during work unfortunately). So, I’m going to do a quick comparison between wine and video production. They’re surprisingly similar! As I’m sure you’re aware you can get many varieties of both from high-end video (fine […]

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A-Z Video Production (part 3)

It’s our third and final a-z of video production post and we’re moving smoothly to the close starting with s for storyboarding! Storyboarding  Gives us the chance to get creative. We work with some extremely talented illustrators that make it look incredibly easy to produce something like this in a few days… Time lapse Where […]

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A-Z Video Production (part 2)

We’re back for part 2 of our a-z of video production so lets jump straight in at J. Jump cut An editing technique that basically ‘jumps’ the viewer forward in time, effectively distorting the true passage of time in a creative way. The effect is often used by cutting two similar shots together, or even two […]

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