A Little Taste Of Country Life

We had the pleasure of producing a company video for Harpers Feeds…

after being recommended by their partner company, Massey Feeds, who we worked with a couple of years ago. The shoot was near enough as south as you can get, in Exeter, and was shot over a couple of days at their headquarters and out on customers’ farms. It’s always nice to get to see different places, meeting new people and being submerged into unfamiliar environments. Being a bit of a city girl, I was intrigued to find out more about life on a farm. Here are a few fun things I learnt during my time shooting down there:

  • The average dairy cow produces 120 glasses of milk a day. It was fascinating to watch some new technology in action where a scanner milks the cow, no manpower needed
  • I met some cows who go to Waitrose (not alive unfortunately), some milk that turns into Cathedral City cheese and some Tesco Finest lambs.
  • A flock of sheep is the loudest thing you will ever hear.
  • A heifer (pronounced “heffer”) is not only a Northern slang word for an overweight person, but is in fact a female cow who has not yet had a calf. And there was me thinking they were calling their cows fat… oops.
  • I am officially in love with the West Country accent. I don’t even know what “gert lush” means but it sounds great. And yes, people do actually say “Alright me luvver”.
  • Don’t go anywhere without your wellies. Seriously. Converse just won’t cut it. You WILL sink in cow muck.
  • Cows are not shy. Not even when there’s a camera around. They were pretty nosey and definitely made it easy to get some brilliant close-up shots.
  • In the video production industry we are all prone to a few early starts and long days, but for farmers, a 4am rise is just the norm. I’m getting tired just thinking about it…
  • Note to self: When you mention your sister is a vegetarian around a farmer, they will think she is an alien.
  • You can literally make anything look good when you shoot at high speed. Even a cow being milked… see for yourself:

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