Groundbreak Productions Sika film shoot at Legacy Rainbow House

A Story From Sika…

One of our most recent projects, that we have been lucky enough to be a part of, involved working with two very inspirational companies; Sika, a large International Building Trust reached out to us and asked us to produce a video for their flooring department, that followed their journey with The Legacy Rainbow House. Sika were in […]

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A-Z Video Production (part 3)

It’s our third and final a-z of video production post and we’re moving smoothly to the close starting with s for storyboarding! Storyboarding  Gives us the chance to get creative. We work with some extremely talented illustrators that make it look incredibly easy to produce something like this in a few days… Time lapse Where […]

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A-Z Video Production (part 2)

We’re back for part 2 of our a-z of video production so lets jump straight in at J. Jump cut An editing technique that basically ‘jumps’ the viewer forward in time, effectively distorting the true passage of time in a creative way. The effect is often used by cutting two similar shots together, or even two […]

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Groundbreak Produce film with Tallos motion control rig for Brother

A-Z Video Production (part 1)

No matter how old we get, everyone loves an alphabetical list and what better way to describe the processes of video production than an A-Z countdown… Audio An extremely crucial part of video production. Whether it be the sound of silence (for tension building pauses) or a mix of sound FX, voiceover or music composition, […]

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A Day At Groundbreak Headquarters

9am Arrive at Groundbreak Towers. Morning brief to look at the day ahead, catching up on emails, checking in with project schedules, deadlines and sifting through applications from new voice over talent/presenter showreels and freelance crew members. 9.15am Post arrives and it’s a good start to the day – an A1 sized poster from Nemesis Model […]

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Where The Magic Happens…

Where does the magic happen you ask?  Of course, it’s the edit suite! (I know what you were thinking and you should be ashamed of yourselves) So after action-packed shoot days gathering hours and hours of footage, the best part is then having the creative power to add that bit of magic and make the […]

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