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Helping To Take ACTION For World TB Day

When we were commissioned to produce some promotional films for our new client ACTION, I was intrigued to research into what the company does. They are a partnership of a few locally-positioned organisations all over the world that advocate for life-saving care for millions of people who are threatened by preventable diseases like tuberculosis. So […]

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Torn Between Two… Branches?

 We all know how much I love a shoot day and this was up there with the best of them. It just shows that with a bit of creativity and a good cast – things can come together pretty bloody nicely! The video we produced for Miriam and her team is to promote her autobiography […]

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Hello 2017…

…we didn’t think we’d be seeing you so soon! I don’t know about anyone else but 2016 flew by for us and what a cracking year it was too. Highlights for us here at Groundbreak Productions included welcoming our fabulous Production Assistant Ellen to the team, expanding the business into the Middle East & Africa, […]

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The 12 Questions of Christmas

Geoff: I’m going to say: A Christmas midnight feast making turkey sandwiches using the left over meat with lots of butter and thick white bread. With a bit of stuffing and cranberry sauce to perfect it. Obviously slightly drunk which makes them taste even better… and the smell of Christmas trees. Oh, and watching the original […]

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What it Takes to Make a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

“Crowdfunding is not a walk in the park. Unless that park is covered with broken glass. And a lion ate your shoes at the entrance gate. And he is now chasing you.” – Julie Keck, Media Shift The definition of crowd funding doesn’t stray far from what it says on the tin. You put out […]

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Music To My Ears…

A bit of a different shoot for us this time – a wedding venue, full orchestra and a very, very, cold summers evening! Pre-production The bulk of this job was undeniably in the pre-production stage. Our gem of a Production Assistant, Ellen, found the most beautiful location on top of the Saddleworth Hills, at a […]

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