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What it Takes to Make a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

“Crowdfunding is not a walk in the park. Unless that park is covered with broken glass. And a lion ate your shoes at the entrance gate. And he is now chasing you.” – Julie Keck, Media Shift The definition of crowd funding doesn’t stray far from what it says on the tin. You put out […]

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Music To My Ears…

A bit of a different shoot for us this time – a wedding venue, full orchestra and a very, very, cold summers evening! Pre-production The bulk of this job was undeniably in the pre-production stage. Our gem of a Production Assistant, Ellen, found the most beautiful location on top of the Saddleworth Hills, at a […]

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Research is Like a Giant Puzzle

“Good research is really like a giant puzzle… and is just the case of fitting all the pieces together.” Not too long after I started my time working at Groundbreak, plans for a WW2 Holocaust documentary were steadily floating around the grapevine. Having always been a huge history lover as well as a documentary enthusiast, […]

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The Future of Audio Visual Content

Download our new report: The Future of Audio Visual Content in the Commercial Arena. The way people are consuming content is changing so quickly that it’s become an ongoing challenge for brands and marketers to keep up. What’s undeniable is that video is becoming more popular and more influential as a medium, meaning brands are […]

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Documentary Heaven

Documentaries are great for so many reasons. Not only are they often interesting and thought provoking, they can also provide a candid insight into areas usually undisclosed to regular eyes. What makes a good documentary largely boils down to three main factors: Does it open a door to a topic that has previously only been […]

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Get Your Briefs Out

So we have a lot of clients who know what they want when it comes to video content and a lot of clients who don’t. For us at Groundbreak, coming up with an idea for a video is what we love the most. Obviously, all ideas are subjective and it can sometimes take a little […]

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