Marrianne's Story

A case study video of Marrianne's spinal injury and her journey to recovery.

Client: Marrianne's Story
Genre: Promotional

Marrianne’s Story – transcription
Marrianne: “I went to a friend’s wedding with my sister and her friends and on the journey back we had a car accident. I was in the rear, in the back of the car.”

Andy (Marrianne’s partner): “I think initially, because you’re so wrapped up in Marrianne’s injury and, just her health, you don’t have any inclination of what’s going to happen in the future. See, it doesn’t really cross your mind but then slowly, as the weeks go by, and people start saying to you, ‘you’re going to have to think about this, you’re going to have to think about that’ then you maybe start to panic a little bit.”

Marrianne: “I first heard about Serious Law – it’s quite ironic actually because my sister works in the care industry and she was looking after a gentleman with a high level spinal injury, so he actually put us in touch with them. And then Serious Law spoke to us and came to the hospital to visit us. We wouldn’t know where to start, we didn’t have a clue about anything, obviously it’s all new to us, but they took it all on-board and took a lot of stress out.”

Andy: “I think initially because there’s so much stuff you’re being told, from the doctors, from the nurses, when someone mentions solicitors you automatically just think, ‘oh that’s for money’ but we don’t really need money at the moment, we need care and help for Marrianne but once you actually sit down and it’s explained that it’s not all about money, it’s about everything else you’re going to face. I mean there are so many elements that come together and Serious Law were a massive part of that. Marrianne’s life changed so much because of the injury but the input that the guys have had has certainly made that transitional period a hell of a lot easier than it would have been without their help. One of the big factors is that we’re still very much in touch with the guys at Serious Law – it isn’t a case of after that call that was it, everything’s done and dusted, you know, we speak to them regularly.”

Marrianne: “I definitely class them as friends now.”

Andy: “Yeah, they are literally at the end of the phone so if there is a problem with anything that we’ve got, we just give them a call.”

Marrianne: ”Yeah, nothing is ever too much for them, they are always there to help us, aren’t they?”

Andy: “It probably sounds a bit corny, but we do consider them friends. I can’t speak highly enough of the guys and I have recommended them to a number of other people since that we have come across with injuries. Obviously their knowledge is one thing but the way they go about their work is brilliant. The relationship that they build with you is a relationship that feels genuine and it continues long after your case.”

Marrianne: “They’ve helped me so much along this journey, they’ve took a lot of stress out of our lives. I don’t know where I’d be without them. I think they’re amazing, I’d like to thank them.”

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