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A promotional film for Massey Feeds, a family business with over 125 years experience with a reputation for investing in the latest technology.

Client: Massey Feeds
Genre: Promotional

Massey Feeds started in about 1850, and that was my Great Grandfather who rented the site from the Cranage Hall Estate, but thankfully my Grandfather ended up with this site and he developed it from there.

I’m the fifth-generation of the family to work in the business and we set the business up over a hundred and forty years ago now and we’ve grown steadily ever since. We manufacture feed for cows, pigs, sheep, poultry here at our Mill at Holmes Chapel and our Mill at Preston. We’ve got our own fleet of wagons to

deliver our feed onto our customers’ farms. We use the latest research in our dairy feeds and we analyse all the raw materials as they come onto the site, to make sure they’re of the right quality. From that we can manufacture the right feed for our customers. Whether it’s a bespoke diet or one of our standard diets.

We deal with all different types of farms and all of them selling to different outlets. So the the key really is being able to identify what they’re trying to achieve and try and work with them to achieve their goals.

We can adapt to changing needs very quickly. As farming changes, as agriculture changes, we can adapt quickly by doing bespoke rations and keep up with change.

Silage analysis is a free service we give to our customers they send the samples in to us, we can run it through on our machine, get them some results that they can use with their rep, to decide what kind of formulas, rations they may need to supplement that silage to feed their cattle.

We have various raw materials that we use in the formulations. We have a mill computer that has the formulations built into it. We weigh out the raw materials, it goes through the mixing plant for a specific amount of time and then off to the relevant part of the mill to be finished. The new mix plant is a plant that we are using, that has recently been installed. It is computer controlled for the accuracy of the mixes.

Here at Preston we make a lot of mono-gastric feeds, including game feeds. We have the ability to use fish meal in our game feed. We mainly include the fish meal in the starting rations for the game but it can be included in any of the rations. We have over a hundred years of expertise which the customers can access at any time they want.

We get a consistent product and we trust the product, we trust the business and we basically get consistency which is vital for us really.

We are a family farm and we’ve always liked to deal with family firms. If you have an issue with feed, we’ve run out, somehow or other they will make sure you get some feed as soon as possible.

We have artic tippers who collect the raw materials we use in the mill. We have the wagons that can go onto the farm and bulk deliver the feed and we have the bag wagons with the fork lifts on so we can supply and deliver again, as much as we can to where the customer wants the feed.

We do ensure that we try to do our very best for customers at all times. We try to accommodate as many specifications that the customer wants, time deliveries, tonnage and hopefully our customers are satisfied with what we do for them.

Our customer service teams know the majority of our customers by name they know their farm, they know the produce that they are having, the delivery addresses. So any queries that they have, we can answer those effectively and quickly. Also, any of the little quirks they have on their accounts to do with where the feed is delivered to Whether it’s to a specific bin or to a specific site.

The delivery drivers have been working for Massey for a long time, they all have, which says a lot really about the company and about the people they employ. Always very courteous, never can do enough for you really. Really good lads and if we’re not about when they deliver, they often deal with it themselves so it’s great, makes a big difference.

The Sales team work closely with their customers and will see them on a regular visit. The reps will go out on farm and they will take a forage sample and then build a picture up by getting it tested here, and then we put them through our ultra-mix rationing programme.

We think it’s important to have the follow up for a number of reasons really, to make sure that the feed is doing its job, the quality is good and he’s satisfied with the quality and it has been delivered at the right place at the right time and just to really get to know the customer a little bit more.

We try to work as a team, to use the latest technology and the latest research using the best quality feeds and the right service for our customers.

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