Water Babies Extended Commercial

The extended commercial for Water Babies. A 30 second version and a behind the scenes film were also produced.

Client: Water Babies
Genre: Commercial

This is without doubt the cutest commercial production we’ve ever worked on. Equally, it had to be one of the safest. With health and safety procedures coming out of our eyeballs we started systematically herding swarms of babies and baby momma’s in and around the swimming pool. As there are no guarantees to how any particular baby will act underwater, we needed to work with numbers! 40 different babies and their parents came along to a very carefully selected swimming pool.

There were lots of considerations to take into account in order to make sure this film lived up to the stunning underwater shots taken by the Water Babies photographers themselves. These considerations spanned certain technical elements such as water clarity to various baby-happiness elements as well; things like water temperature, air temperature, the time they spent in the pool, and also making sure a very happy environment was maintained in general. Apparently just one crying baby can set off a chain reaction so lots of Water Babies’ super-happy songs were sung that managed to stay in our heads for days…. “bounce, bounce, this-a-way, bounce, bounce, that-a-way, splish, splash, splosh…. ”

A highly experienced underwater film crew were used to capture the shots, operating the Arri Alexa XT Plus at 100FPS in a Gates Deep underwater housing; a very special set-up indeed. Some ethereal sound design, the perfect music selection and a DaVinci Resolve colour grade to complement the edit and a highly adorable film was born.

Read the blog from Assistant Producer Brittany Woodhall where we take you behind the scenes – just click here, have a read and watch the behind the scenes film too.

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