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We specialise in producing corporate video content, TV commercials, web ads, animations and documentaries.

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We only use the very best cameras, lenses and equipment and have a huge range of different options available. Whatever the location, whatever the requirement, our skilled camera crews operate to the very highest standards and can capture all sorts of footage from basic interviews to high end commercials.

groundbreak productions filming video production manchester london

Any shoot. Any size.

We film commercials, interviews, products and stories. We film in HD, 4K, sometimes even 6.5K. Slow-mo, Mo-co, underwater, underground.

From one man and a camera up to a 50 strong crew operating the highest spec equipment in the industry, no matter what your budget may be we’ll help you to achieve the filmic look you need.

If you need any help in figuring out exactly what you might need for your shoot, just give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly team. Our production team are always on hand to research, plan and manage any type of production.


2D, 3D or stop motion – whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered from the simplest of styles to the most detailed. Logos, characters, epic scenes, you name it – we can animate it.

groundbreak productions animation production manchester london


2D animation can take a range of forms and illustrative styles, and is excellent for explaining services and relaying information.


3D animation is particularly effective for visualising products, creating complex scenes, or simply injecting extra quality into a video.

Stop Motion

The traditional method of 3D animation, stop motion often brings a huge sense of awe to a production.

Special Effects & CGI

If you really want to make an impression, there’s no better way than with high-end VFX composited into your footage. We run industry leading software on industry leading hardware, all powered by VFX artists at the top of their game.


Socks. Off.

Think of something amazing… we can make that.

If you need to see a full-blown train arriving at the front door of your office or a purple unicorn charging into battle, whatever you need, it’s all possible.

We also provide conceptual development services to plug you into our creative minds and give your production a shot of fantasticness.

Editing & Sound Design

No production is complete until it’s been through our in-house edit suites. Our talented post-production team love piecing together and bringing raw footage to life through the wonders of editing and sound design.


Please the eyes. Please the ears.

Stylish and contemporary editing is incredibly important, and can be the difference between a video looking old fashioned and boring your pants off or being all round thoroughly excellent.

Equally important, however, is the audible part of a video. What you hear when you watch a video of any kind often goes relatively unnoticed, but quality sound is essential in providing depth to the overall experience and should be treated with just as high priority as any other element of a video.

Concepts & Scripting

The foundation of any successful video is a fantastic concept and an equally brilliant script or treatment. Our cogs are always turning.


Ten heads are better than one.

Our internal ‘bean bag sessions’ really get the creative sparks a-sparking, and no brief is too small or complex for us to get stuck into. During these sessions we hone our Jedi skills by discussing a particular brief or production in great length and detail, and ultimately fire all sorts of ideas about.

Everything on the table, no matter what the idea. This almost always leads to some pretty incredible ideas (and some equally awful ones).

We also have two in-house script writers who are experts at taking hold of your key messages along with a concept outline and metamorphosising it all into a fantastic storyline.

Illustration & Storyboarding

Our in-house illustrators are second to none. Pre-visualise your story right from the beginning to make sure it covers all bases and tickles your mind like you like.


Sketchy sketchy.

Photo-realism, cartoons, pencil drawing, watercolours, digital art, architectural designs, whatever the style you have in mind you can’t go wrong with one of our illustrators. We create artwork of all kinds and levels of detail, whether it be simple line drawings to more realistic styles such as the adjacent image from our Halloween film, Hillbury Close.

Most productions will require a storyboard which we’ll happily create for you during the pre-production stages, from this frame by frame pre-visualisation you will be able to see the running order of your film before it’s even begun. Allowing you to suggest changes to anything you like right from the word go.

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