The 12 Questions of Christmas

The 12 Questions of Christmas


Geoff: I’m going to say: A Christmas midnight feast making turkey sandwiches using the left over meat with lots of butter and thick white bread. With a bit of stuffing and cranberry sauce to perfect it. Obviously slightly drunk which makes them taste even better… and the smell of Christmas trees. Oh, and watching the original Snowman.

Britt: That it’s perfectly acceptable to crack open a bottle of wine on a random Tuesday because “Hey, it’s Christmas!”

Maeve: Twinkly lights, feeling cosy, family time and sipping red wine around a fire.


Matt: So wrong. The Christmas zone runs from the 1st December up until Boxing Day. No exceptions, ever.

Ellen: Wrong. 1st of December onwards you can deck the halls with whatever you like but until then, definitely not!

Mike: Not really – but I don’t get offended.


Mike: Croissants for breakfast.

Maeve: Obviously a traditional Christmas dinner and eating (lots of) mince pies whilst decorating the Christmas tree.

Geoff: Winning at monopoly. Wearing ridiculous hats. Drinking and eating too much.


Ellen: The Santa Clause or The Grinch!

Britt: Elf. 100%

Mike: Grinch / Home Alone / The Snowman


Geoff: Christmas pudding without the coins.

Matt: Mince pies but with the white custard that everyone else had on the Christmas pudding.

Maeve: MINCE PIES!!!


Maeve: That’s just too hard to call…

Britt: Don’t make me choose!

Geoff: Both.


Britt: I don’t know if I have a favourite but I know Geoff’s is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”!! Haha

Geoff: I think my favourite regrettably is “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey…

Matt: The Jingle Bell Rock. Nothing makes me happier than the line “Giddy up jingle horse”.


Ellen: Mulled wine all the way!

Mike: Mulled wine.

Britt: I am a fan of a mulled wine. Or two. (Or seven).


Matt: I think I give better presents than I receive… I once bought my Dad one of those SeaDoo underwater scooters from James Bond.

Britt: Worst was a suitcase. I was 8. Those things didn’t really appeal to me at that age. Best is probably my Chanel purse. She goes everywhere with me!

Maeve: I’m a lover of all gifts – I don’t discriminate 😉


Maeve: Real tree all the way!!!

Geoff: Only real trees are permitted in my household. I’ve had the same tree for the past four year. It lives in the garden the rest of the year.

Matt: Controversially, fake – real trees smell great but by the time Christmas Day comes, all the needles have fallen off. The fake ones look bushier too.


Mike: Dressing as a lady with all my friends in Thailand on Christmas Day.

Ellen: Mum bought a karaoke machine. Nothing will prepare you for seeing your family singing; “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie”… Nothing.

Britt: Getting a suitcase.


Matt: An annual supply of new socks.

Ellen: Terry’s Chocolate Orange – It’s not Terry’s its mine.

Maeve: Chocolate coins!



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